An Archived Review from Friday the 13th of March 2020. London Hammersmith Apollo.

Costello’s iconic hat sits on the piano. Screens of vintage posters flick through in the background. Suddenly, the mood lighting turns on and here enters the bands backing singers and the man himself.

In the midst of the coronavirus panic, Elvis Costello and The Imposters partied like they never partied before (this is semi-true as the tour has now been cancelled till further notice). With there being no setlist, the show felt refreshed and new. 

Elvis Costello is an excellent storyteller. Quite often would describe the meaning behind a song or some background into making it, which gives a new perspective behind the songs and makes the concert feel very personal. Costello mentioned a new musical he has written music for; A Face In The Crowd. Originally a 1957 film debuting Andy Griffith, A Face In The Crowd is about a prisoner who becomes an overnight musical sensation. Costello stated he’s planning to realise the musical this year to quote “get rid of Andrew Lloyd Webber for good”. 

Key song highlights included “watching the deceives”. Costello sang with a simple yet effective red light under his neck that gave the whole thing a mysterious effect very capturing. But the real show stoppers came in the last 20 min of non-stop high energy songs such as “Every day I rock the boat”. 

In conclusion, even after 50 years in the industry, Elvis Costello has still got it!