food snack popcorn movie theater

I really struggled to not buy all of these while researching for this…

All the necessary snacks for your next movie marathon! (There’s even pretend movie tickets to give it the full cinematic effect!)

A Lego movie making book (For the child in us all).

The ultimate movie bucket list! For that friend who browses Netflix for hours on end!

A clapperboard themed scrap book – Got a friend you always go to the movies with? Add some pictures of your bestie and some tickets from movies you’ve seen and you’ve got yourself a super thoughtful gift they’ll keep forever !

A lamp of the iconic IT balloon for the horror fan of the group.

The ultimate quote book – for that friend who always quotes movies.

A retro VHS poster with all the classics, for that friend with a new pad.

Check out this fun board game to test you and your friends on movie trivia.

Which ones are your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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