Amy Pond – Amy is our No. 1 companion for a lot of reasons: she was every bit as cheeky and curious as the Doctor, and she was always ready to run straight into danger and sort things out on her own (she tried to anyways, and thats what counts!). The Doctor came across as really protective of Amy, but also like he relied on her a great deal too. I think the character growth of Amy and Rory together was so cleverly written; they went from thinking they would travel with the Doctor forever, to becoming far more mature and independent in their own rights, whereas the Doctor almost couldn’t accept the fact that they were drifting away from him. Amy’s trust in the Doctor always reinforced her childlike admiration of him, and i think the Doctor always saw her as the little girl he first met. Their relationship was sweet and special in every way, which is why Amy pond is our top choice.

Donna Noble – The Doctor and Donna definitely had the funniest relationship out of all his/her companions. The Doctor had never had an ‘older’ companion before, which is why Donna was a great choice. She was never afraid to challenge the Doctor when he did things she didn’t agree with, and becuase there was no romantic element at all, you could appreciate the friendship between them being totally pure and uncomplicated, whereas with some other companions, feelings can get in the way and cloud the friendship qualities. Along with Donna came Wilfred, and he too was like Donna – unconventionally clever and always there to support the Doctor. Donna had one of the best companion storylines, and even though she couldn’t, it was clear that the Doctor saw how special she was.

Martha Jones – I think this might be a controversial one, because i know that people don’t particularly like Martha, but i think it is because everyone was so hung up on Rose’s departure that they never appreciated how strong and clever Martha was in her own right. She could hold her own with the Doctor, and she was brave enough to do the one thing that most companions couldn’t – leave the Tardis on her own terms, and make the hard decision to give it all up to focus on what was best for her. In our opinion, the Doctor needed Martha after Rose, and even though he didn’t reciprocate her feelings, he still saw her as a good friend and trusted her absolutely.

Rose Tyler – The OG New Who companion, Rose brought relatability and spirit to the Tardis. She and the Doctor really were just two friends running around, going on wild adventures, and you can see how well their funny and childish humour plays off each other. What was special about Rose is that she made the Doctor feel less lonely, and her ability to help by doing things on her own and being bold enough to do whatever she could to help him set the tone for the rest of his/her compnions to be just as independent and strong willed.

Clara Oswald – Personally, we didn’t feel that there was much chemistry between Clara and Matt Smith’s Doctor, HOWEVER, Clara and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor bounced off each other fantastically! The young and old dynamic was so entertaining, and i think the fact that the Doctor thought himself to be young enough for Clara was hilarious, becuase he saw him as a grumpy old man most of the time. Clara was brilliant in the sense that she humbled the Doctor, and managed to make him see through other people’s perspectives, especially during times when his anger or frustration was out of control.