Which Hugh Grant Character Will You Date Next?

What's your main goal in life?

1. Fame
2. Love
3. Money
4. Happiness

Pick a Pet

A Puppy
A Kitten
A Goldfish

What sort of tv programs do you like the most ?

1. Travel Shows
2. Reality TV Shows
3. The News
4. Sitcoms

It's finally the weekend what are your plans ?

1. Cozying up with a book
2. Night on the town with your friends
3. Movie Marathon

Would you rather...

1. Have one or two close friends
2. Or loads and loads of not so close friends

What's your dream house?

Cute Cottage
Tree house

Which award would you like to receive?

1. The most stylish person of the year
2. The most supportive person of the year
3. The most well-connected person of the year
4. The most influential person of the year

All 7 questions completed!

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Which Hugh Grant Character Will You Date Next?

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