What Friends character is your valentines ?

What's your favourite holiday?


Do you agree with this statement: We Were On A Break!

1. 100% Yes ( Team Ross)
2. 100% No ( Team Rachel)

If you had to perform one of Phoebe's songs which one would you pick?

1. Smelly Cat - Duh!
2. Two of Them Kissed Last Night - The one after Ross cheats on his girl with Rachel
3. Sticky Shoes - The one where Phoebe loves her new musky cold voice

What's your ideal Valentine gift ?

1. Anything I can eat
2. Anything personalised
3. Anything expensive
4. I don't need a valentines gift, my partner is enough!

Pick a hobby:

1. Cycling
2. Reading
3. Arts and Crafts
4. Shopping
5. Does watching TV count as a hobby?

All 5 questions completed!

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What Friends character is your valentines ?

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