As I sat to enjoy my usual hate-watching of Riverdale’s latest episode, something changed! A whole new plot twist is introduced, which throws the show 7 years into the future, and made me actually intrigued.
Here are my 3 reasons that make me think that Riverdale’s notoriously “bad writers” are finally listening!

A new start
For me, one of the main reasons Riverdale was getting stale is everything that happened to the main 4 characters didn’t really impact them. For example, in the previous series, Betty and Jughead discover that they now share a half brother AND that their parents are dating, yet this barely affects the relationship’s dynamic.
But the end of Series 5 Episode 3 gave me the change of dynamic I have been looking for. We are told that the main four are no longer the BFFs that they used to be, leading me onto to my next point…

No more VARCHIE. Veronica and Archie (“archikins”) have always been the most cringe-worthy aspect of the show. I personally believe that Varchie is harder to watch than all three musical episodes.
Luckily, the new episode trailer actually states that Veronica is married. My only hope is that the newlyweds will stay that way, and Veronica and Archies “end game” relationship will be no more.

No more unrealistic teen behaviour.
Another thing that really bugs me about the show is that these teens are in high school; however, Betty and Jughead are practically FBI agents. Veronica runs 2 businesses, and Archie is…off fighting bears. And somehow all except Archie achieve good grades (Betty is literally going to Yale!). This 7-year time gap will finally turn the characters into the adults that they’ve always acted like.

But what do you think? Am I being too optimistic?
Is this just going to be another Riverdale disappointment… let us know in comments down below!