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Best Books I read in 2020:

Book sales went through the roof in 2020 (due to obvious reasons), and as someone who loves to read but never felt like I had a decent chunk of time to dedicate to reading, lockdown meant I was able to spend hours reading through loads of books on my list – these are some of the best books I read last year, and I would definitely recommend them to get you out of a reading slump, or if you were looking for your next read!

(they are not in any order 🙂 )

Here is my Goodreads link –

If you have a Goodreads account, link it in the comments! I love getting book recommendations so leave those in the comments too 🙂

(Honourable mentions to The Heroes of Olympus series and Throne of Glass series – these have been amazing books that I have been working through and would recommend, but I thought for the list, standalone novels would be better!)

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