What Bear Are You - We Bare Bear

Pick a place you would love to visit

Strolling Along San Francisco
The We Bare Bear House
Nom Noms Mansion
The Forest

How do you act when you're stressed?

1. Rant and Rage
2. Cry
3. Calmly discuss your feelings with a loved one
4. Make endless lists till you feel better

Pick an Element

1. Water
2. Fire
3. Air
4. Earth

Pick another famous bear

Yogi Bear
Bear In The Big Blue House
Care Bears
Winnie the Pooh

What's your goal in life?

1. To be famous
2. To help as many people as possible
3. To have a huge and happy family
4. To be extremely rich

All 5 questions completed!

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What Bear Are You - We Bare Bear

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