Read how author Liberty Smith has had enough of her boyfriends repetitive sounding playlists...

Sitting in my boyfriend’s car, one hour into our two-hour car journey and my ears are bleeding. A constant repetitive beat blasts out of his car stereo – all the songs sound incredibly similar, and it is driving me crazy.

Why do people like my boyfriend find these songs so great? Where’s the meaning behind these songs, the story? As you can probably tell, I’m not the biggest fan of house and generic chart pop music. I find it incredibly mind-numbing listening to the same damn beat, and simple phrases play on repeat for 3 minutes and then moving on to the next one.

I like to culture my self in music and challenge my self to listen to as much as I can. I feel like my music taste is quite diverse; it ranges from Nat King Cole to Queen to Johnny Cash. However, people (like my boyfriend) seem to have the opposite view. They seem to be okay with music that likes to comfort, by staying in quite similar genres of music – house, chart music, pop etc. This baffles me immensely… how can you spend most of your day listening to music that all sounds the same? Doesn’t it drive you insane!

But then it hit me, that even though my music taste varies, I’m also a sucker for repetition, as I go through phases of listening to my favourite songs over and over.

And it made me start to question. Why is it that we love this repetition in our music? Does it come back to our early stages and listening to songs like ‘Old McDonald’, which work because of their repetitive nature? Well, according to Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis ted-ed lesson “Why We Love Repetition In Music”, there is a reason why people (sheeple in my opinion ) tend to go for repetitive music, called the ‘exposure effect’, which basically means that humans are more likely to like something the more it is repeated.

Therefore it is more the artist’s fault than it is the listener, as it is clear the modern-day artist has picked up on this. A great example of this would be Justin Biebers song ‘yummy’ in which I wouldn’t be surprised if the word ‘yummy’ could be found a hundred times. How is this chart worthy! How can the artist think this okay to put out, just because they are already famous!

But maybe I’m wrong, and it’s not my boyfriend’s fault he listens to such awful brain-numbing music… it’s just the ‘exposure effect’. And maybe I should stop giving my boyfriend a hard time on his taste in music, or perhaps I should start giving house and chart pop another go.

Hmm. Nah. That music is still extremely dreadful.

Liberty Smith
Liberty Smith

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