The power of three will set us free… in this Charmed character quiz

Charmed Quiz - Which Charmed one are you?

Choose a job:

1. Journalist
2. Teacher
3. Chef
4. Care Worker
5. Photographer

Which power would you want to have?

1. Mind Control
2. Super Speed
3. Teleportation
4. Invisibility

Choose a holiday:


Choose a demon to vanquish:


Pick a Charmed character:

Grams (Penny Halliwell)

Choose an important place in Charmed:

The Manor
The Underworld
Magic School

Finally, choose another fictional witch:

Sabrina Spellman
Samantha Stephens
Willow Rosenberg
Hermione Granger

All 7 questions completed!

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Charmed Quiz - Which Charmed one are you?

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Quiz: Which Charmed One are you? Quiz: Which Charmed One are you?

Quiz: Which Charmed One are you?