A good soundtrack is essential to a film – quite a few times now I have been watching a film when a song or composition is played alongside a scene where I think… what is that doing here?? The compilation of soundtracks below are amongst my all time best because they have such distinct tones and styles that perfectly suit the theme 🙂

There are obviously so many soundtracks out there – my Spotify consists mainly of soundtracks, or songs that I found through a film. This blog post is only a tiny snippet of my most loved! I think I will do a series of posts about specific composers, and their best scores…

The choices below are a mixture of Original Soundtracks, and Soundtracks compiled with songs from varied artists, and the songs in bold are the ones I enjoy listening to the most.

  • Sherlock Holmes 2008, ‘Marital Sabotage’, Hans Zimmer
  • 10 Things I Hate About You 1999, ‘The Weakness In Me’, Joan Armatrading, ‘Just Be Good To Me’, The S.O.S Band
  • Fantastic Mr Fox 2009, ‘Mr. Fox in the Fields’, Alexandre Desplat
  • Clueless 1995, ‘Supermodel’, Jill Sobule
  • Juno 2007, ‘Sea of Love’, Cat Power
  • The Incredibles 2004, ‘Life’s Incredible Again’, Michael Giacchino
  • The Chronicles of Narnia 2005,– ‘Only The Beginning of the Adventure’, Harry Gregson-Williams