Officially the cutest collab of the century!

What Animal Crossing x Sanrio Character Are You ?

Pick something sweet!

How do you celebrate your birthday?

1. Eating loads of cake
2. With my loved ones
3. Not the biggest fan of birthdays
4. Opening loads of presents

Pick a Animal Crossing X Build-A-Bear:

It's Friday! Pick a beverage:

1. Calming Tea
2. Get the bottle of rosé out !!
3. Fizzy drink time!
4. Refreshing water for me please !

You’re trapped in a locked room… what do you do?

1. Calmly wait to be rescued
2. Scream and shout till someone lets you out
3. Find snacks and then take a nap till rescued
4. Find your own way out

Pick a Able Sister to be besties with!


All 6 questions completed!

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What Animal Crossing x Sanrio Character Are You ?

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