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Have you been glued to The Bold Type yet? Can’t wait for series 5? Take this Bold Type personality quiz to find out which of the main trio you’re most like!

What Bold Type Character Are You ?

It's Girls Night What Are Your Plans?

1. Getting Dressed Fancy And Hitting The Town!
2. Quite Night In With Some Pizza And Beer
3. Karaoke Night !!

Pick Spa Treatment


Pick A Ideal First Date

1. A Trip To IKEA
2. Take A Cookery Class Together
3. Craft Brew Tasting

You've Had A Stressful Day At Work What's The First Thing You Do At Home?

1. Cry
2. Call Your Friends To Go Clubbing
3. De-stress In A tub

Pick A Bedroom

You're The Newest Journalism Of Scarlet What Section Are You Writing For?

1. The Advice Column
2. Celeb Gossip
3. Romance and Realtionships
4. Politics

All 6 questions completed!

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What Bold Type Character Are You ?

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