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Struggling to buy a Disney gift that doesn’t look extremely tacky? Well, we’ve gathered a list for you to minimise the hassle!

1 – Bring the magic home with you with Disney-themed scented candles!

My personal recommendation is “Animation Hall’,  which smells of Summer Fruits mixed with the floral heart notes of Rose, Lily, White Jasmine and Violet.

2. Why not create a scrap book for your loved one in this cute up themed adventure book!

Customer Reviews – 4.5/5

Being obsessed with the film up, this is exactly like the one from there, I absolutely love it and so does my partner. Will defiantly be ordering another as a present. The best thing ever and to be able to buy extra pages is a double bonus!!
100% recommend, amazing quality and so sturdy!!, can’t wait to get creating and order another”

3. This extremely cute Winnie pooh looks just like the real one!!!

Customer reviews – 4.8 out of 5

“My baby girl made an appearance 5 weeks early so we didn’t have a Christmas gift prepared… as a pooh bear lover I fell in love with this straight away, next day delivery… I love it & I hope she will too when she’s big enough to play with it. Perfect soft cuddly for my tiny girl.”

4. for the older Disney fans – the disneyfied version of cards against humanity?

Customer Reviews – 4.6 out of 5

“Brought as a gift being obsessed with Disney. Great quality and super hilarious to play. Great for those with a dirty sense of humour, NOT for kids or the faint-hearted So funny, really rude and crude. Don’t buy if easily offended. Fun game to play.”

5 .these beautiful postcards from the iconic Disney Renaissance will look stunning anywhere!!!

Customer Reviews – 4.7 out of 5

“Wonderful set of 100 postcards.
Does anyone need to buy this item – no. Will it cure a leaking tap or a wonky smartphone – no it will not.
However, if you have always been enchanted and totally hooked by Walt since the year dot-like myself – then why on earth would you not wish to acquire such a lovely reminder of all the great times spent watching the timeless animations? Highly recommended.”

6. This beautiful book shows the layout of your favourite Disney character world – great for children or as a coffee table book!

Customer reviews – 4.8 out of 5

“A wonderful presentation of Disney films showing all around each film and where it all happens. It’s a very well presented book and great to look through.”

7. do you have a friend who is in awe of the old’ Disney animation style? – then this book is great for them as it shows them the ins and outs of Disney animation.

Customer review – 4.9/5

“My daughter is due to go to Uni to study animation. As well as loving the old type of hand drawing animation she loves Disney esp the classics. I’ve got her this for Christmas so haven’t seen her reaction yet but I’m so excited for her to see it. You know as a parent those presents they’ll go bonkers about and this is it for me πŸ™‚ as for my opinion, it’s an absolute beaut of a book. As a big Disney fan, myself waves of nostalgia came flooding in with just a quick glance so I can just imagine her reaction! Beautifully put together with lots crammed into every single page. I’ll be looking through it all too and I’m so pleased with the purchase, pat on the back for me πŸ™‚ you’ll not regret buying this book.”

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