Are you the Slayer?

Which BuffyVerse character are you most like?

Choose a location in Sunnydale:

The Library
The Bronze.
The Cemetery.
The Summers House.

Which weapon would you use?

1. A stake, duh.
2. Knowledge!
3. A crossbow.
4. Magic...

Pick a character to be your best friend:


What is your favourite school subject?

1. Computer Science.
2. Music.
3. English.
4. Does lunch count?
5. PE.

Choose a supernatural creature:

1. Vampire!
2. Werewolf!
3. Witches!
4. Ghosts!

Be a Slayer or Watcher?

1. Slayer!
2. Watcher!

All 6 questions completed!

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Which BuffyVerse character are you most like?

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