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The UK Cinema Giants, Ranked!

As the summer months are approaching us and the end of the school year draws closer, a lot of us will be finding things to do during this time to enjoy the summer weather. However, if you’re like us and from the UK then you’ll know just like us that this unpredictable British weather could ruin our plans at the last possible minute and cause us to be stuck inside. So if that ever happens then we’ve got a list of some of the UK’s best cinema chains as with an exciting movie release schedule for the summer we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Coming in at No. 5… VUE

Now, it’s important to mention that I have nothing against the Vue or any of these cinemas on this list but this is just how I would rank them personally from experiencing them myself. The Vue is great and I’ve had no bad issues with it in the past but it just seems to be your bang average cinema. By this I mean it doesn’t really have any exciting features or any uniqueness about it compared to its competitors.

No. 4… Odeon

The Odeon cinema complex has become quite a popular venue in recent years and established its name alongside the giants in the industry. My first time experiencing it I was actually pleasantly surprised. It felt like the Cineworld VIP experience but at the Odeon, it came as standard. With seats that recline backwards, footrests that can appear from the bottom of your chair from a click of a button and food which feels like it should be in a restaurant what more could you want from a cinema? The prices are on par with the likes of Cineworld so for the money it seems as though you might have a better experience over here at Odeon. If you’re wanting reclining seats as standard at its competitor Cineworld then you’ll be looking to pay a little more.

No. 3… The Light

The Light is again one of your bang average cinemas but has a little more personality about it. For one its affordable for everyone and with reclining seats it will still have the same luxury feeling of the Odeon. There isn’t much else to it to be honest but for me it has that classic cinema look and feel about it which not many cinema venues have nowadays. So really, the atmosphere and look of The Light is what does it for me. With classic cinema decorations and posters, it will really make your trip that much better.

No. 2… Cineworld

Cineworld is one of the biggest cinema chains not only in the UK but in the world. With venues opened in countless counties everyone will have heard of it before. Everything about is fantastic from its unique screening types and it’s utterly brilliant unlimited membership which makes you feel apart of a proper film lovers community.

No. 1… Everyman!

The Everyman cinema is definitely top tier. If a restaurant and a cinema ever had a baby then this is what it would be. The Everyman cinema chain has taken luxury to a whole new level with sofas with cushions for seats and a waiter service dining experience where you order your gourmet meal at the main foyer and have it delivered to you at your seat by a waiter before the movie starts (oh and you can also order any cinema snacks as well). The only negative I could give it is that they’re isn’t enough of them around! Although I would only save this experience for a special occasion, either for a celebration or if it’s to see a film you have been desperately waiting for, because it is quite expensive but worth every penny for what it offers.