Something ‘Reely Fishy’ Is Going on..

So, what is this free game Lure that Steam Is recommending to all of us?

‘Blue Moon Games’ latest indie-horror adventure asks gamers a tough question.. “Will you fish in the forbidden Shinto shrine for an unspecified amount of ‘moolah’ from a suspicious old man on the side of the road?”.

The answer of course for the 75% of players who have beaten the game, is yes.

So, when Steam recommends a game named Lure and the icon is nothing but a brown pixelated hook, I immediately think to myself “Hmm, new spooky?”. Well, Spooky indeed.


With riveting user reviews like “Fishy” and “I was catfished”, an air of uncertain mystic around the game was formed. I found that I simply could not refuse the pull -or allure- of pressing ‘buy’ (it helps that it’s free).

So within seconds the download is done and the lights are dimmed low.. Here we go.

The title ‘Lure’ appears to the ominous sound of a bell chiming. Now.. press the spacebar and be transported into this dark and static world. Can you bring yourself to complete the task of fishing at the shrine despite the airy feeling that you are being watched?

Okay, so what the hell is this?

Blue Moon Games have created an atmospheric and creepy as hell mini-game with visuals that resemble the old school days of the original Playstation. Teeming with atmosphere, the game captures the spirit of the first ‘Slenderman’ game.

Gameplay wise, it’s a simple ‘you must go do this thing if you’re brave enough’ first-person, fetch quest.

We have seen the way these small horror titles have gone viral in the past. These qualities make it pretty much perfect for streamers and YouTubers alike to have fun with their audiences, if only for a minute or so.

Add in the fact that the game is free and the studio has itself more or less a guaranteed winner when it comes to generating interest in their future projects.

While Lure may only take a few minutes to complete, it certainly has players on Steam ‘embracing the meme’ with their reviews. As a fan of Japanese horror and any game with an air of mystery, Lure left me intrigued. Intrigued to see what this small studio from Adelaide, Australia might have up their sleeves next.

Available for free on Steam now.

  • Developer: Blue Moon Games
  • Platforms: Windows/MacOS
  • Released: April 8, 2022
  • Genre: First Person, Horror, 3D

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