Star Wars is known for its epic battles, dazzling effects and has some of the most iconic characters in cinema history. Let's take a look at some of the prequel background characters!

The year is 2005 and with the release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, George Lucas’s enormously anticipated prequel trilogy of Star Wars films has come to a close. 

The immediate legacy of this trilogy would be years of heated debate between fans. By now almost every aspect of the films has been discussed and evaluated at length. However despite all of this division, fans can certainly agree on one thing. That the prequels are jam-packed full of incredible characters.

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - The Duel of the Fates

Now, we’sa all know the legendary Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Master Yoda. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of a huge collection of characters created by Lucasfilm. Whose talented artists face the enormous task of world building every time Lucas puts pen to paper. So can these Jedi Knights of peace and justice truly outshine the plethora of aliens, droids and bounty hunters of the Star Wars Prequels?

Well, open up Spotify, slap on Cantina Band , and pour some blue milk and let’s jump into this list of Star Wars characters who have ascended to become Star Wars icons.

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10. Yaddle

Yoda, but with hair?

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - Yaddle, Grogu and Yoda

While Grogu showing up at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian sent the internet into an unprecedented and weekly snowballing level of hype, Yaddles debut in The Phantom Menace would have the opposite effect. In fact you would have been hard pressed to find anyone who had actually noticed her in the film.

Now, Yoda is a character clouded in mystery and very little is known about his past. Not even the name of his species is explained. So anytime another ‘Yoda’ appears on screen its reason enough to get excited.

Originating from a sketch by concept artist Iain McCaig, Yaddles design was meant as a template for a young Yoda. Not passing Lucas’s approval round, the design was eventually recycled to create Yaddle. A female member of Yoda’s species.

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - Yaddle in The phantom menace

So what do we know about Yaddle? Yaddle is roughly half the age of Yoda and served the Jedi Council for well over a century. Until stepping down and leaving the council shortly after it was decided that Obi-Wan Kenobi would be granted permission to train Anakin Skywalker. Her fate after the great purge while speculated is technically not confirmed in Canon.

Yaddle has most recently appeared in the canon novel ‘The High Republic: Out of the Shadows’ and is mentioned briefly in ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’.

It’s the addition of Grogu into the Star Wars universe that has fan theories starting to stir again. Could Grogu be the offspring of Yoda and Yaddle? Probably not, but if it is revealed to be the case, just remember you read it here first.

9. Notluwiski Papanoida

It’s blue George Lucas!

He finally did it, George Lucas cast himself in one of his films. He just waited until ‘Revenge of the Sith’ to do it! While this character initially serves no purpose other than being a fun cameo he later would be given the opportunity to serve the story. Enter, The Clone Wars animated series.

The year was 2010 and The Clone Wars was in its third season. Suddenly Papanoida was back in the spotlight, albeit now in animated form as a central character in the episode titled ‘Sphere Of Influence’.

 Rising up the political ranks on Coruscant, Papanoida is sworn in as the new Chairman following the death of Chairman Chi Cho. During the episode, Papanoida’s daughters are kidnapped and he must work with none other than Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano to unravel their location.

The adventure is extremely entertaining by the mere fact that it appears to be a blue, animated George Lucas on screen the whole time. This is also possibly one of the only times Lucas has ever appeared on screen without one of his trademark flannel shirts. 

8. Kit Fisto

Now, before you begin typing about how Kit Fisto isn’t a minor background character.. we’ll remind you that this particular Jedi only had a small handful of scenes where he actually appeared in the films. He was the Jedi Master with the dreamy smile, who force pushed C3-P0 and who then died at the hands of Darth Sidious.

Fisto was originally sketched up as a potential idea for a new Sith Lord, but artist Dermot Power was never satisfied with the design and scrapped it. Eventually the design was picked back up and used for a Jedi character for the film Attack of the Clones.

The design was unique and allowed Fisto to stand out amongst other Jedi on screen. While Fitso’s large head tails alongside his stunning green lightsaber are his most recognisable features, it might just be that killer smile that fans have come to love so much.

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - Kit Fitso - number 8 back ground character

Fisto’s striking image clearly resonated with the fans and The Clone Wars show runners alike. Since Fisto appeared in 30 episodes of The Clone Wars, where he would finally get to prove his mastery of the force and with a lightsaber. His adventures in the show include fighting off General Grievous in ‘Lair of Grievous’, encountering Cad Bane in ‘Holocron Heist’ and taking part in the battle of Lola Sayu.

7. R4-P17


R4-P17, assigned to Obi-Wan Kenobi prior to the Clone Wars was his trusted astromech droid. Nicknamed R4, she would serve him until her destruction, during the Battle of Coruscant.

R4 first appeared in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. As Anakin’s iconic astromech droid R2-D2 is blue, the art team made Kenobi’s own droid red. Now we can tell who’s who! R4 would go on to make appearances in six episodes of The Clone Wars animated series. During the show she is present for some major plot lines, including the fall of Mandalore and the Nightsisters arc.

R4 serves Kenobi loyally until she is eventually ripped apart by buzz droids. Apparently, all her years of service made little or no impression on Kenobi unfortunately as Kenobi would later state “I don’t seem to recall ever owning a droid” to Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.

Don’t worry R4, we remember you. A true Hero of the Republic.

6. Weazel

From Gambler to freedom fighter

Weazel, played by Star Wars regular Warwick Davis first graced the screen in The Phantom Menace back in 1999. He can be spotted briefly in the crowd during the Boonta Eve Pod-race. Where he appears making dodgy bets alongside Watto. This quick shot makes for a fun cameo as Davis finally returns for the first time since Return of the Jedi .

Weasel was likely meant as a one-off character, but the will of the force had other plans. Weazel’s triumphant return would take place in Ron Howard’s 2018 film Solo:A Star Wars Story. However, no-longer portrayed as a criminal shuffling his way through the sands of Tatooine. But as member of the Cloud-Riders. A group of vigilante freedom fighters led by the mysterious Enfys Nest.

It seems around the time of the fall of The Republic and the rise of The Empire, Weazel grew a conscience. Trading in his life of crime to fight for the greater good, against the tyranny of The Galactic Empire. Unbeknownst to Weazel however was that one of the Empires deadliest agents Darth Vader, was that little slave boy he bet against at the Boonta eve all those years ago..

5. Tion Medon

Drama in the costume world..

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - Tion Medon greeting General Kenobi

Tion Medon, a Pau’an male who worked as the port administrator in Pau City during the time of the Clone Wars. Encounters Obi-Wan Kenobi during Kenobis hunt for General Grievous. Medon welcomed Kenobi as he lands in the city, informing him of the location of the Seperatist leader..  “He is here. We are being held hostage.. They are watching us.”

Medon’s name has recently reappeared in the public sphere. Following the release of the first official trailer for the new Disney+ Star Wars series Kenobi. Which reveals the first live action adaptation of The Grand Inquisitor. A Pau’an Jedi hunter who first appears in Star Wars Rebels.

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - The Grand Inquisitor

It’s no secret, some fans have been left more than a little bewildered by the design choices made for the live action Grand Inquisitor. Lucasfilm appear to have opted to remove his infamous yellow sith eyes and have given him a somewhat rounder head. A departure from the longer facial features, typically seen within this species, as  referenced from Tion Medon’s appearance in Revenge of the Sith and The Grand Inquisitor’s previous appearances in Star Wars Rebels.

So, in an outcry for help fans have looked to Tion Medon for salvation. His image has been spammed throughout comment threads all over the internet in a sign of protest, to this apparent grievous change in costume design.

4. Jocasta Nu

 She’s an older meme sir, but she checks out.

Jocasta Nu, first appearing during a scene in Attack of the Clones was a Jedi Master who served as the chief librarian of the Jedi archives. And the only Jedi to ever throw sass at Obi-Wan Kenobi (Other than Anakin of course). 

While Kenobi is searching the archives for information on the Kamino System, he is informed by Nu that if an item does not appear in the records, then it does not exist.

A rather closed-minded conclusion for a Jedi. It’s also a response that became one of the earliest popular Star Wars memes. Her response also made her a hilarious candidate in the early ‘Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?’ fan theories. Because as we all know.. “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”.

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - The Jedi library

In the legends Dark Horse comic Star Wars: Purge: Seconds to Die released in 2009, Nu is shown being slaughtered by Darth Vader during the assault on the Jedi Temple. However in the canon she was actually able to escape from Coruscant for a short while. But with her heart set on creating a new school for Jedi, she returned to the ruins of the Jedi Temple. Hoping to locate a list of force sensitive beings known to the order, hidden in the temple. 

Nu found the holocron containing the list. But before she could escape the temple for a second time initiated a duel with The Grand Inquisitor. Not realising that Darth Vader was also present.. She was captured alive by Vader, Nu was then executed and the holocron destroyed.

3. Sors Bandeam

You don’t know the name, but you know the scene..

Played by child actor Ross Beadman (spot the clever anagram), Sors Bandeam takes centre stage in Revenge of the Sith. During arguably the most shocking scene in any Star Wars film.

After Order 66 is issued by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Darth Vader is sent to purge the Jedi Temple. Very little of this event is shown in the film, but George Lucas had a shock in store for audiences.. As Vader walks into the Jedi Council chambers, a group of younglings come out from hiding. Drawn out by the familiar face of Anakin Skywalker. One of the children steps forward and asks, “Master Skywalker, there are too many of them.. What are we going to do?”.

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - Bandeams death

This little boy is Bandeam. As Vader ignites his lightsaber, the padawan flinches in fear. The scene then cuts away and we are left only to imagine the horror that would follow. Hundreds of memes later and almost two decades after the fact, it’s easy to forget how distressing this scene was when first shown in theatres. Reports of audience members crying out “No!” amidst audible gasps of disbelief can be found while reading through reviews from the initial release. 

Bandeam only appeared on screen for mere seconds. But he took part in one of the most memorable scenes in the prequels. Say what you will about Lucas’s directing methods but he made sure Vader’s fall was absolute, and that his crimes were heinous and unforgivable. 

2. Elan Sel’Sabango

”You wanna buy some death sticks?” – You knew it was coming!

Elan Sel’Sabango, is a male of the Balosar species. As seen in Attack of the Clones, he scours the lower levels of Coruscant dealing his highly addictive death sticks.

Sel’Sabango, approaches a somewhat preoccupied Obi-Wan Kenobi (does drinking count as Jedi business?), and makes him an offer that is quickly declined by Kenobi. Who uses a Jedi mind-trick to convince the Balosar that he should go home, and rethink his life.

This one appearance near the start of Attack of the Clones, in a film notorious for its underwhelming and more than slightly clunky dialogue is a rare moment of humour actually hitting its mark. It also sparks the amusing after-thought of Sel’Sabango, on his way home to rethink his line of work.

1. Yarael Poof

We won’t be surprised if Poof’s inclusion in this list is at all confusing to you..

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - Poof in his first appearance

Yarael Poof was first seen swaying his head around during The Phantom Menace. The Jedi Master was present as a member on the Jedi Council during the initial testing of the suspected chosen one, Anakin Skywalker.

However, Poof would disappear from the two prequel films that follow, as George Lucas suspected audience members would likely confuse Poof with the Kaminoan species introduced in The Attack of the Clones.

Ten Star wars prequel trilogy characters - poof in robot chicken

It wasn’t Poof’s film appearance that made him an iconic character, but his lead role in two skits for the Adult Swim cartoon, Robot Chicken. These skits use Poof as a means to poke fun at all the Jedi who don’t speak a word in the prequel trilogy. Pointing out that every decision that ought to be decided by the entire council, instead seems to be made exclusively by Mace Windu and Yoda. 

The skits portray Poof as more of an assistant, rather than a Jedi Master. As

the council use him to run errands. Eventually he is sent to get pizza, which ultimately allows Poof to avoid being present during the great purge, going on to work in the Death Star cafeteria.

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