Bridgerton is back with a dazzling second season. Shonda Rhimes has ensured there’s even more dresses, dances and drama this season and we are here for it. The series follows the love-lives of the eight Bridgerton siblings and how they tackle issues of status and propriety in 19th century London.  The first season captured the hearts of millions with its stunning costume designs and enticing plot so it’s no surprise that season two was met with an overwhelmingly positive response.  The glamorous period drama was watched by 82 million households in its first month and it’s the second most watched Netflix series of all time. These big numbers may make you question what the big deal is. So why should you watch Bridgerton?

Why watch Bridgerton?

Interesting Plot

If you’re searching for a compelling series that has fantastic story-telling, you would want to invest your time in Bridgeton. This riveting story is well paced and rarely shows any signs of rushed story writing. It’s quite the opposite actually. Bridgerton is known for its slow burning romance plots. If you’re familiar with Season One, you will know the story follows Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and her passionate romance with the Duke (Regé-Jean Page). The episodes leading up to their first kiss has viewers on the edge of their seats, eyes glued to the screen and tightly clutching the remote. Each episode becomes more and more intimate and we can’t help but hold our breath when we see Daphne and the Duke near each other. If you’re a fan of the tense, heart-churning, heated atmosphere of Season One, get ready for Season Two.

One can't help but fall in love with this dreamy couple

Season Two focuses on the eldest Bridgerton sibling, Antony (Jonathan Bailey), and his scandalous romance with Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). The two disguise their fiery passion with contempt and loathing. To make matters worse, their relationship is enshrouded with scandal as Antony is betrothed to Kate’s sister, Edwina. This makes their relationship that much more outrageous and tantalizing. It is both irresistible and infuriating to watch their hateful façade but we can’t help rooting for their magnetic romance. The shame, secrecy and deceit makes it impossible to turn away from our screen. Thus, it’s fair to say the writers make Season Two more interesting and alluring than its predecessor.

Bridgerton is an escape

Reality can be taxing and even cruel. From the dull commute to work to slaving behind a computer screen. Or maybe you’re constantly on your feet between the school run and the weekly grocery shopping. Sometimes, we need an escape and Bridgerton is just the thing. The show does a fantastic job of painting a false picture of 19th century London. History teaches us that 19th century London was undergoing major industrialisation. This means the city was crowded with construction and unsightly factories which produced an overall grey and gloomy tint to the capital.  However, Bridgerton shamelessly overwrites London’s glum past with colourful and vibrant scenery. This is exactly what we need. The colours, the costumes and the music create a brilliant fairy-tale for you escape in to.

Bridgerton's outdoor scenery looks like something from a fairy tale and the colours of the costumes are pleasing to the eyes.

The Netflix series creates an enchanting world filled with glamorous activities that you yearn to participate in. As you become more involved with the story, you become familiar with the upper class’s schedule. The day begins with a light breakfast before going to Madame Delacroix’s boutique for a dress fitting. The afternoon is spent promenading in the green gardens with friends and gossiping about latest scandal. The day ends with an elegant ball attended by the most prosperous people in society and you are one of them. The show occultly captivates and transforms the world around us. It makes us believe for just a moment that we too can live an extravagant life. Bridgerton’s magic successfully whisks us away into a bewitching fantasy that makes us forget about reality.


Period dramas and diversity don’t usually go hand in hand. This could be one of the reasons why some of us avoid period dramas- they’re not known for being inclusive. However, Bridgerton is known for blatantly disregarding history and creating its own fantasy. This fantasy includes people of all races parading in English high society. One of the most prominent figures in the show is the esteemed Queen of England who is played by black actress, Golda Rosheuvel. A black woman playing a powerful character is the type of representation we have been starved of in period dramas. Bridgerton makes a refreshing spin on it’s genre and ensures it is series we never forget through it’s representation.

Bridgerton has caught the eyes of many due to its diversity.

Aside from the intimidating Queen of England, the character who caught many viewers’ attention this season is Kate Sharma who is played by Simone Ashley. The South Asian beauty became a quick fan favorite due to her wit and hot temper. These personality traits are rarely found in an Indian character; typically they are the awkward and nerdy best friend. Through the character Kate Sharma, Bridgerton once again breaks boundaries with its inclusive representation.

Final Thoughts

Bridgerton is definitely worth the watch. It creates a world for everyone to enjoy. Despite its escapism, Bridgeton also brings realism into the show through its representation. In doing so, Bridgerton does well to include everyone into their regal fantasy. Aside from its audience awareness, the writers do well to keep the plot intriguing and upbeat. For reasons like this, Bridgerton is a must watch show that almost anyone can enjoy!

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