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With Amazon’s The Rings of Power set to release September 2nd 2022, fans of J.R.R Tolkien now eagerly await to set sail back to the familiar shores of Middle-earth! So far a series of production stills and the official teaser trailer have given a few sneak peaks at what The Rings of Power has in store. One question many are pondering still is who from Peter Jackson’s epic film adaptations might return?

This prequel will offer an exciting first look into a time before the War of the Ring and is likely to bring about the epic on-screen return of Sauron, amongst other familiar heroes and villains from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Galadriel the Lady of Light

At last, the first teaser trailer for The Rings of Power provided the very first glimpses at actress Morfydd Clark as she takes on the role of a younger, and seemingly more warrior-like Galadriel. Far from the ghostly enchantress seen in The Fellowship of the RingThis youthful Galadriel is an armed and fully armored heroin.

As Galadriel bears one of three rings gifted by Sauron to the elves and that the series will likely focus of the forging of the Rings of Power. It’s a safe bet that she will play an integral part in the story to come.

Isildur the Bane of Sauron

Isildur, The Great King of Arnor and Gondor (titles, titles, yes all very good) is confirmed to be returning played by English actor Maxim Baldry.

The tragedy of Isildur is told in passing during Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. After defeating Sauron, Isildur claimed the One Ring of Power. Eventually denying his opportunity to destroy it inside Mt Doom alongside Elrond. Yet despite his best intentions to use the rings influence against the forces of evil, its corrupting power would tragically lead Isildur to his own undoing.

With such a dire end to his story, fans can only speculate on what led Isildur down this dark path. Was he simply corrupted by the power of the ring? Or were there other motivations at play? This opportunity to dive deeper into Isildur’s past should excite even the most casual viewers. As Isildur’s fate links directly to the War of the Ring and the return of the king.

Elrond Lord of Rivendell

Another ring bearer whose story is yet to be shown on screen. Elrond has direct ties to the last two entries. Present as a commander during the War of the Last Alliance, Elrond took Isildur high into Mt Doom. Later during the Third Age he would join the White Council, serving alongside Galadriel as one of Sauron’s greatest opponents.

Sadly, no longer will legendary actor Hugo Weaving be donning the glorious elven wig. As it is fated to be passed down to actor Robert Aramayo (who you might remember as a young Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones seasons 6 and 7).

Being set thousands of years before the film trilogies, fans can likely expect to see a far younger Elrond’s rise through the political ranks of the elves, the creation of Rivendell and perhaps the birth of his daughter Arwen.

Sauron the Deceiver

With a title like The Rings of Power, it’s not wild speculation to say that audiences can finally expect to get very familiar with Sauron! Once known as Mairon, Sauron is an ancient being present in Tolkien’s universe well before the First Age with a complex history rife with betrayal and deception.

During the Jackson trilogies very little information is provided about Sauron. Other than that he created the Rings of Power to enslave the races of all free people, and that… well he is evil. Given the extensive writings of Tolkien there is a lot this show could delve into to add some well needed layers and depth to Sauron. Making him less one dimensional and a more fleshed out antagonist.

The Witch-king of Angmar

Another extremely compelling villain likely to return is the Lord of the Nazgûl. Once a king of men, the Witch-king appears throughout Jackson’s films inducing terror. Most notably when stabbing Frodo atop Weathertop in The Fellowship of the Ring and battling Gandalf before his demise at the hands of Éowyn in The Return of the King.

Despite appearing so, this chilling screen presence wasn’t always wholly evil. Gifted a ring by Sauron he took it without question. Will fans get to watch his horrific descent from great king to enslaved wraith? If so, It would certainly help clear up the mystery surrounding the identities of the Nazgûl.

The King of the Dead

Residing deep in the mountains of Dwimorberg, the King of the Dead lay restless with his men. Bound to the earth by a broken oath, they were once worshippers of Sauron. During the Second Age they swore allegiances to Isildur. Yet when the time came and they were called upon to fight.. They abandoned their duty, Isildur cursed them, never to rest, until they see their oaths fulfilled.

If the series is a success and there are multiple seasons, this is one of many Tolkien stories The Rings of Power might explore. Not only would it showcase Isidur’s prowess as a king, but it would also draw a direct link to The Return of the King. Providing some much-needed setup to what otherwise feels like a slightly convenient writing cheat that allows Aragorn to boost his armies in the final film.

The Great Eagles

Led by Gwaihir the Great Eagles of Middle-earth only show up in the time of utmost need. Firstly saving Biblo and the company of Thorin Oakenshield from the jaws of Azog the Defiler’s wargs in An Unexpected Journey. Before battling alongside them once more during The Battle of the Five Armies.

Sharing a mutual respect with Gandalf, they also save him from the clutches of Saruman in The Fellowship of the Ring and aid in the battle of The Black Gate. The Great Eagles much like the elves on this list far predate the War of the Ring. Leaving the show creators with the perfect opportunity to explore their origins and provide some foundation to their place in this world.


A shepherd of the forest, Treebeard also known as Fangorn is encountered upon by a distressed Merry and Pippin during The Two Towers. Treebeard is described by Gandalf in the novels as “…the oldest living thing that still walks beneath the sun upon this Middle-earth”. He is also believed to remember the time when the elves taught the trees to speak.

As one of the oldest beings, if not the oldest being in Middle-earth during the time of The Rings of Power it can’t be completely ruled out that fans might just get a guest appearance from their favorite Ent.

Gandalf the Grey

Arriving into Middle-earth somewhere near the start of the Third Age, Gandalf’s involvement in The Rings of Power will likely come very late into the show, if at all. Dispatched to directly counter Sauron, Gandalf is the greatest threat to the dark lords dominion, setting into motion the events that would lead to his destruction.

Fan theories suggest the last season could come to a close as Gandalf arrives upon the shores of the Grey Havens to begin his quest. Mirroring his last scene in The Return of the King perfectly where he leaves with Elrond and Frodo Baggins, having achieved his task.


If not the most horrifying villain Tolkien put to paper, Shelob is certainly one of the most memorable. While her early history is mostly shrouded in secrecy, she was believed to be a daughter of the primordial spider, Ungoliant.

Residing high in the mountains surrounding Mordor long before Sauron’s arrival. Shelob claimed dominion over the passage ways leading into the land. Taking advantage of this maze of tunnels, Shelob would spin her webs and lay in wait for unsuspecting prey.

It’s difficult to say for sure whether Shelob would have any part to play in The Rings of Power. Ultimately it depends on how directly involved with the story the shows creators are willing to make Sauron. As the dark lord was aware of her presence in Mordor, they could potentially share a terrifying scene or two.

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