Which version of The Shining is the best?

The book ‘The Shining’ was released in 1977 by Stephen King. Stanley Kubrick created ‘The Shining’ movie, inspired by King’s novel three years after its release. Both versions are infamous and undoubtedly seared into the collective human consciousness—teaching us the fundamental lesson to never stay in a haunted hotel over the winter. But which version […]


Cruella Review: A Night of Fabulousness and Mayhem

Have you ever wondered how Cruella De Vil, the fiend, from Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ became her wicked, evil self? You have? Well look no further, the highly anticipated live action Cruella has hit the cinemas with a bang! A Villain to Believe in Cruella is a sinisterly superb triumph. The film is well crafted with […]

Which Disney sidekick are you most like?

Obsessed with Disney? Check out these Disney themed candles at Our magical home ! My personal recommendation is “Animation Hall’,  which smells of Summer Fruits mixed with the floral heart notes of Rose, Lily, White Jasmine and Violet (click here) .

My favourite Film Soundtracks…

A good soundtrack is essential to a film – quite a few times now I have been watching a film when a song or composition is played alongside a scene where I think… what is that doing here?? The compilation of soundtracks below are amongst my all time best because they have such distinct tones […]

Why Avengers Endgame Is One of The Best Films Ever Made…

This post was written by Cinema Lounge Reviews, who we are happy to be collaborating with! Their website has great reviews, articles and watchlists, so definitely check them out 🙂 We wrote a post for their website, Horror Films to watch ASAP! – feel free to have a look, especially if you need some new […]

Films to watch on Amazon Prime.

A mix of this genre and that, but all great watches for your next movie night – Seven (Fincher, 1996) – cat and mouse chase to find and stop a sadistic serial killer from completing his spree. Captivating thriller, with a completely jaw dropping ending… Do the Right Thing (Lee, 1989) – you just need […]