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10 ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Characters That Could be in ‘The Rings of Power’

With Amazon’s The Rings of Power set to release September 2nd 2022, fans of J.R.R Tolkien now eagerly await to set sail back to the familiar shores of Middle-earth! So far a series of production stills and the official teaser trailer have given a few sneak peaks at what The Rings of Power has in store. One question many are pondering still is […]

Quiz: Baby Yoda which mood are you?

Happy May the 4th everybody! To commemorate Stars wars day we’ve put together a special Stars wars quiz as well as 10 ICONIC BACKGROUND CHARACTERS FROM THE STAR WARS PREQUEL TRILOGY. A Bit About The Author Hiya, thanks for reading this! My names Liberty Smith I’m a co-founder of the Random Compass. I mainly write […]

Discussion: The Karate Kid, An Underrated Classic

The Karate Kid is one of my favourite films of all time but hasn’t really begun to get as much love as I think it’s deserving of until fairly recently. The uptick in interest came in 2018 thanks to the incredible sequel series ‘Cobra Kai’ – launching on Youtube Red of all places. It wouldn’t […]

Review: The Adam Project

A jam-packed time travel movie with Ryan Reynolds playing Ryan Reynolds. Amongst the chaotic plot and recycled humor, we wonder if this movie is worth the watch. Another Ryan Reynolds movie but this time, make it Sci-Fi. Netflix can’t get enough of Ryan Reynolds as he returns with another Netflix original where he plays himself. […]

Top Five: Must Watch Movies By Wes Anderson

It was the turn of the century, and a young filmmaker from Houston named Wes Anderson had taken his first few steps into the movie making world..

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