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Liberty Smith
Liberty Smith

Hiya, thanks for reading this! I’m a co-founder of the Random Compass. I’m just about to finish my last year of studying creative artistry at the Academy Of Contemporary Music. I mainly write fun quizzes (well, I hope they’re fun) on Music, Sitcoms, Games, Movie characters etc. To see all my articles please scroll down.

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Disney Gift Ideas That Aren’t Tacky

Struggling to buy a Disney gift that doesn’t look extremely tacky? Well, we’ve gathered a list for you to minimise the hassle! 1 – Bring the magic home with you with Disney-themed scented candles! My personal recommendation is “Animation Hall’,  which smells of Summer Fruits mixed with the floral heart notes of Rose, Lily, White […]

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What Character Are You In The Bold Type

Have you been glued to The Bold Type yet? Can’t wait for series 5? Take this Bold Type personality quiz to find out which of the main trio you’re most like! Want More Bold Type Content ? follow our socials !!


Chara, the London born and raised, upcoming singer-songwriter talks about the importance of mindfulness and self-care methods, along with outlining his future plans… When listening to Chara’s soon to be released single – ‘I’m praying’, I was struck by his unique style and how it fuses jazz to hip hop. “I’ve always loved listening to […]

What Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character Are You?x

“Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt.” – Your reaction after you take this quiz !!! Check out Some more of our random quizzes such as: “If I die, turn my tweets into a book.” – Gina Linetti

Easy Life – “Junk Food”

 Easily their best album yet! Easy Life are a five-man band based in Leicester, who play a unique blend of indie, hip hop and jazz elements. The release of their first official ep – ‘Junk Food’, combines undertones of the jazz indie vibes of Rex Orange County, and the hip-hop lyrics of Mac Miller.  Stand out […]

Just Because Its Stuck In Your Head Doesn’t Mean It’s Good!

Read how author Liberty Smith has had enough of her boyfriends repetitive sounding playlists… Sitting in my boyfriend’s car, one hour into our two-hour car journey and my ears are bleeding. A constant repetitive beat blasts out of his car stereo – all the songs sound incredibly similar, and it is driving me crazy. Why […]

Nintendo Direct 2021 – The Comeback Of The Mii.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons x Super Mario – Feb 25th Key feature: Warp pipes and teleport on your island!!! Plus heaps of new Mario themed furniture and outfits. Miitopia – May 25th Key Features: Glamming up your Mii by adding features such as eyelashes and anime-style hair and the addition of horses with which you […]

Season 5 of Riverdale – Is it getting good?

As I sat to enjoy my usual hate-watching of Riverdale’s latest episode, something changed! A whole new plot twist is introduced, which throws the show 7 years into the future, and made me actually intrigued.Here are my 3 reasons that make me think that Riverdale’s notoriously “bad writers” are finally listening! A new startFor me, […]

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Presents To Get The Film Buff In Your Life!

I really struggled to not buy all of these while researching for this… All the necessary snacks for your next movie marathon! (There’s even pretend movie tickets to give it the full cinematic effect!) A Lego movie making book (For the child in us all). The ultimate movie bucket list! For that friend who browses […]


An Archived Review from Friday the 13th of March 2020. London Hammersmith Apollo. Costello’s iconic hat sits on the piano. Screens of vintage posters flick through in the background. Suddenly, the mood lighting turns on and here enters the bands backing singers and the man himself. In the midst of the coronavirus panic, Elvis Costello and […]