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Quiz: Which Olivia Rodrigo Song Are You?

2021’s pop princess Olivia Rodrigo has taken the internet by storm with her debut album Sour. As an eclectic album, there’s a song for every mood. Whether you want to cry to Traitor, dance bitterly to Deja Vu, or set your ex’s house on fire to Good 4 U, you’re covered! But which of the […]

Five Times The Beatles Got Their Lyrics Just Right

The Beatles are one of the most successful bands to walk the earth. Even if you don’t get the ‘Beatlemania’, we have some lyrics that anyone with a soul could recognise as pure genius.  The Beatles have had their fair-share of musical gimmicks, of bad songs and even worse press conferences. But at the heart […]

Who are Måneskin and why is the internet crazy for them?

Unless you’ve been living like a hermit from 1924 with no access to internet, phone signal, or even any friends who’ve been screaming at you, you’ll know a band called Måneskin have blown up on the internet in the last few weeks. Or if you don’t know their name, you’ll recognise the pictures – four […]

K/DA: You Could Use Some More!

If someone asked me when I was 10 years old what music would be like now or who would be the most popular, I probably would not have said virtual singers from a video game! K/DA is a virtual K-Pop/Pop inspired girl group consisting of four themed champions from the MOBA League of Legends – […]


Chara, the London born and raised, upcoming singer-songwriter talks about the importance of mindfulness and self-care methods, along with outlining his future plans… When listening to Chara’s soon to be released single – ‘I’m praying’, I was struck by his unique style and how it fuses jazz to hip hop. “I’ve always loved listening to […]

Quiz: Are you a big One Direction Fan?

Test your one direction knowledge and prove you are the biggest one direction fan! A Bit About The Author Hiya, thanks for reading this! My names Liberty Smith I’m a co-founder of the Random Compass. I’m just about to finish my last year of studying creative artistry at the Academy Of Contemporary Music. I mainly […]

My favourite Film Soundtracks…

A good soundtrack is essential to a film – quite a few times now I have been watching a film when a song or composition is played alongside a scene where I think… what is that doing here?? The compilation of soundtracks below are amongst my all time best because they have such distinct tones […]

Easy Life – “Junk Food”

 Easily their best album yet! Easy Life are a five-man band based in Leicester, who play a unique blend of indie, hip hop and jazz elements. The release of their first official ep – ‘Junk Food’, combines undertones of the jazz indie vibes of Rex Orange County, and the hip-hop lyrics of Mac Miller.  Stand out […]

Just Because Its Stuck In Your Head Doesn’t Mean It’s Good!

Read how author Liberty Smith has had enough of her boyfriends repetitive sounding playlists… Sitting in my boyfriend’s car, one hour into our two-hour car journey and my ears are bleeding. A constant repetitive beat blasts out of his car stereo – all the songs sound incredibly similar, and it is driving me crazy. Why […]


An Archived Review from Friday the 13th of March 2020. London Hammersmith Apollo. Costello’s iconic hat sits on the piano. Screens of vintage posters flick through in the background. Suddenly, the mood lighting turns on and here enters the bands backing singers and the man himself. In the midst of the coronavirus panic, Elvis Costello and […]

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