Which one out of these Animal Crossing "Chores" do you do most?

1. Crafting
2. Terraforming
3. Hitting islanders with your net
4. Fishing and bug catching

Choose a Yankee Candle that suits your personality:

It's your birthday!! Pick a Birthday Party theme:

1. Disco
2. Afternoon tea
3. Costume party !
4. Cinema party
5. Ice cream parlour party

Pick a BFF:

How would you describe your Island's aesthetic?

1. Cottage Core
2. Urban city
3. Normie-core
4. Totally unique

If you had to describe yourself as a weather type, what would it be?

1. Sunshine
2. A Rainbow
3. Snow-storm
4. Thunder and Lightning

Pick a yummy Animal Crossing dessert:

All 7 questions completed!

Share results:

What holiday-themed Animal Crossing character are you?

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