Pick a ball to attend

1. Masquerade Ball
2. Debutante ball
3. Opera ball

Pick a flower arrangement to decorate your home

Its the first ball of the season, where do we find you ?

1. Desperately seeking a suitor
2. Doing your 50th waltz of the night
3. Sneaking off to the library room

What would your scandal in Lady Whistledown be ?

1. A clumsy trip in font of the ton
2. Not choosing a suitor
3. Devising a mischievous scheme

Pick a pet

Would you rather have a suitor who is...

1. Rich but ugly
2. Poor but gorgeous

You're taking a trip to the modiste, what is your dress order

1. Something bold, bright and flashy
2. Something subtle but regal looking
3. Anything that is pink !

Pick a estate

Pick a time of the day

1. Morning
2. Noon
3. Evening
4. Night

All 9 questions completed!

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