Pick an insect:

Favourite subject:

1. Drama
2. Maths
3. Science
4. PE
5. History

Choose something to read:

Pick a unique pet:

1. Racoon
2. Pet rock
3. Giraffe
4. Ant

If you were invisible, what would you do ?

1. Solve mysteries
2. Prank and scare my friends
3. Dance around and be crazy without being judged!

You get an opportunity to travel the world! What's your mode of transport?

1. Boat
2. Plane
3. Car
4. Walk

Which is your preferred web?

Pick a bug-themed Superhero name:

1. Bug Boy
2. The Menacing Mosquito
3. Hawk-Moth
4. Loki the Locust

All 8 questions completed!

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