Which version of The Shining is the best?

The book ‘The Shining’ was released in 1977 by Stephen King. Stanley Kubrick created ‘The Shining’ movie, inspired by King’s novel three years after its release. Both versions are infamous and undoubtedly seared into the collective human consciousness—teaching us the fundamental lesson to never stay in a haunted hotel over the winter. But which […]

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Disney Gift Ideas That Aren’t Tacky

Struggling to buy a Disney gift that doesn’t look extremely tacky? Well, we’ve gathered a list for you to minimise the hassle! 1 – Bring the magic home with you with Disney-themed scented candles! My personal recommendation is “Animation Hall’,  which smells of Summer Fruits mixed with the floral heart notes of Rose, Lily, […]

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What Character Are You In The Bold Type

Have you been glued to The Bold Type yet? Can’t wait for series 5? Take this Bold Type personality quiz to find out which of the main trio you’re most like! Want More Bold Type Content ? follow our socials !!

What Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character Are You?x

“Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt.” – Your reaction after you take this quiz !!! Check out Some more of our random quizzes such as: “If I die, turn my tweets into a book.” – Gina Linetti

Are you Ginny or Georgia

Are you the totally chic Georgia or the fiercely independent Ginny? Take this fun personality quiz to find out.